JSC MAC Vympel

Guarding the space for the sake of peace

years-long history, traditions and rules adopted by the company ensure information security and stability in the world

we care about continuity between generations; the company’s young researchers are educated in the basic departments of the leading Russian universities and take active part in research activities

we are open to new tasks, continuously expand our competences and refine our products and work methods

we fulfill our obligations before colleagues, partners and the society

we work as one coordinated team where each employee performs their task, enabling us to create a product of unprecedented complexity

Vympel today

For half a century, VIMPEL has been consolidating efforts of researchers, developers and manufacturers across the wide platform of information technology in the field of state-of-the-art system engineering and digitization. We have managed to integrate all the related research, technological, and production problems in a single creative process and enable the development of missile attack warning, space monitoring and missile defense means and systems.