Services for the provision of orbital data of near-earth space objects

Active use of space means and technologies in scientific research and real economy requires up-to-date reliable information about the space objects (SO) in the near-earth space (NES).

VYMPEL Interstate Corporation, Russia’s leader in NES monitoring, offers its partners a unique information resource providing up-to-date data about various space objects’ orbits. This resource is based on SO observation data obtained in real time or quasi-real time from more than 80 optical systems of different organizations (Roscosmos, VIMPEL Interstate Corporation, ASC, RAS institutes) located in Russia and other countries, in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

The space object information acquired by telescopes is coordinated through data exchange between VIMPEL’s Information Analysis Center (IAC) and optical system owners.


  • Control of in-house network of optical systems and optimization of operating modes of partners’ systems in order to maximize the volume of SO data.
  • Processing full scope of obtained data using in-house unique algorithms and programs and checking data reliability.
  • More accurate determination of space environment parameters, its comprehensive analysis.
  • Maintaining and constantly updating in-house near-earth SO catalog. Publication of catalog data on VIMPEL’s dedicated open web portal
  • Providing commercial (including confidential) services for observation of SO in near-earth orbits of any type and providing orbit data for these objects.