Basic departments

MIREA - «Automated radiotechnical systems»

The department prepares specialists in automated radiotechnical systems. The main areas of specialization of the basic department students are closely linked to the priority areas of Joint Stock Company VIMPEL Interstate Corporation. The research work in the department is aimed at detailed development of a radar system for observation of objects, land and sea territories using the signals of the GLONASS/GPS/GALILEO satellite navigation systems.

The student training program includes studying mathematical methods of optimization, statistical description of signals and processes in radiotechnical systems, digital semi-realistic simulation of data processing and control of automated systems’ structural elements, analysis of methods of data communication via satellite channels in an organized countering environment, etc.

Students are involved in the basic areas of VIMPEL’s interest since their junior academic years during the practical industry research. The knowledge obtained by the students is refined in the course of theoretical and practical training in the senior academic years, during which the subject of their graduation thesis is determined and activities preceding the practical pre-diploma training are carried out. During the practical pre-diploma training and work on the thesis, the students use the whole bulk of the studied theoretical and practical material (mostly the theoretical knowledge and software and algorithm development skills).
  • VIMPEL has employed about 100 MIREA graduates, mostly from the basic department
  • The department’s employees are responsible for a number of R&D projects in VIMPEL’s area of interest

Head of Department

Viktor Tretyakov
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Tel.: +7 (499) 475-56-93